About us

It was a long journey for us: after researching in many countries, within many communities, we finally found a place that seemed so magical from an ecological perspective and vibrant from a social point of view. Here in Kopaniec, we have just started to lay down our roots to create a place where wild nature, healthy land and delicious food are intertwined with inspiring education, hands-on demonstration and robust research. We envision abundant landscapes that nourish and inspire its inhabitants whilst mindfully interacting with nature. A place where health of humans and nature is restored, communities are more resilient, and growing self-reliance is the norm.

And this is “us”:

Noemi comes from Hungary and has been working internationally in the field of food/agriculture since many years. She is a permaculture designer, has a degree in organic agriculture, and worked for Greenpeace, FAO and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies. She is very much into large-scale ecological restoration, soil regeneration and water landscaping. She set up the forest kindergarten and school, runs few ecological projects and tries to learn better Polish from her sons. She wants to do more foraging in the wild, producing most of the food and medicine for her family, do regular joga and dance, and enjoy sunrises through deep walks.

Maciek is active in the field of environment protection since many years. He studied ecological economics, helped to establish and continues to advise many NGOs in Poland. For the last 15 years he was involved with Greenpeace, where he has built the team in Poland, coordinated agriculture campaign in Asia and Greenpeace campaigns in Europe. He’s particularly interested in sustainable forestry and appropriate technology use for projects aimed at “powerdown” – reducing energy demand. He is also teaching in the forest school. He would like to find more time for climbing with his boys, practicing natural navigation and learning more about rites of passage.

Leonard – our 7 year old son. He knows more about trees and mushrooms than most people. He is used to spending much of the day running outdoors so he is very fit and resilient. He is a problem-solver, a little engineer, leader by nature with a dancing and masseur talent. He cannot wait to build a tree house.

Oliver – our 3 year old. A strong little creature, eager to do whatever his big bro is doing. He is very independent and strong-minded character, loves spending hours by himself playing outdoors. He also loves cooking and knows about herbs. He dreams about having horses (and some girls) around.