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Goals & Mission

About our mission

Respect for the web of life and consideration for future generations guides our decisions and actions. Our primary responsibility is regenerating landscapes, ecosystem processes and building soil through innovative designs and implementation. Our secondary responsibility is to inspire, educate, facilitate and empower people into action through regenerative design and holistic decision-making that fosters them and stimulates communities.


About our goals

We want to develop our future land into a fertile, beyond organic, edible landscape of ponds, productive trees, perennial gardens, holistically managed pastures, and living structures built from natural resources. We aim to establish a model polyculture system for soil regeneration based on holistic management, keyline design, permaculture and water-wise landscaping. The project intends to unfold all possibilities that can be done on a larger area of land in a cold temperate climate in Central Europe using permaculture techniques.

The project is born of our desire to live close to nature, restore our land-base and minimize our dependence on non-renewable resources. If we are to have better lives and a livable world for future generations, we have to take an active role in that regeneration. We want to see it as an exploration of how people, animals, plants and soil critters can partner together to create resilient ecosystems, possibly for a long, indefinite period. And we’d love to create abundance (from Latin abundare “to overflow”) – where life, health, food and joy overflows.

An integral part of our work is outreach, education, encouragement and research. The Deep Roots Farm will be a place for shared learning, experimenting with new ideas, adding new tools to one’s “toolbox”, and exploring ones’ potential and creativity whilst serving the land. We’re dedicated to providing unique, best-practice courses, workshops and counsel to give people skills and confidence to create permanently abundant systems.


We want to:

  • observe and interact with the natural landscapes every day, be immersed in the systems we create by design
  • achieve real, lasting impact through designs of resilient ecosystems and the implementation of techniques of ecological restoration and regenerative agriculture
  • boost self-sufficiency and resilience, on the personal and community level
  • enjoy the fruits of our labor that come from our gardens, animals, food forests, water systems, and increased soil fertility
  • expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage the use of more ecologically built environments
  • accelerate the adoption of environmentally sound, healthy and productive systems by offering inspiring courses by practice-oriented trainers, where knowledge is shared, new skills are learned and a sense of community and purpose flows through
  • develop tools and networks which allow research and sharing of documentation and experiences
  • have fun whilst doing all that.