Looking for co-creators | 2019

Forming eco-community project is seeking members and co-creators

Are you one of those people who seek the life close to land and nature and would like to live in a resilient community of like-minded but diverse neighbours? Would you like to build your own eco-house and have access to a bigger piece of land in a pristine environment in the Polish mountains? Would you like to be involved or have your children attend the on-site forest kindergarten/school? Would you like to grow food and raise animals in cooperation with other families? Would you like to live in a place that serves as an inspiration for others to learn hands-on skills related to living “beyond sustainable” – living with the aim to regenerate the land and ourselves?

If it is what you are looking for, keep on reading….

We are a family with mixed nationalities with two young kids (3 and 7), about to establish a regenerative farm in Kopaniec, in the Izery mountains of south-west Poland (2 hrs drive from Wroclaw, Prague and Dresden, 20min drive from Jelenia Góra). We are committed to agroecology, sustainable building techniques and environmental regeneration of the Earth. We call this project “Deep Roots”, because we believe in the need of any long-lasting culture to be anchored in the land, giving us a space to learn about the place we live, die and get recycled back into this dance of life.

At the end of 2019, we’ll be buying a beautiful property of 25 ha with building plots for five family houses, a community house and a guesthouse. Since we want to live in a small community of like-minded people – it’s just better to have fun, help each other and respond to the challenges of living on the hotter planet together – we are open for families or individuals to join us.

Our core values are:

  • environmental regeneration: we want to lead a low-impact lifestyle (agroforestry, ecological buildings, holistic grazing, etc) while creating an abundant landscape with rich biodiversity around
  • diverse community: we embrace diversity in race, age, income level, religious belief, sexual orientation, etc.
  • common yet private: we believe in sharing – from regular common meals, festivities and work activities, but we want everyone to respect privacy of each individual home.
  • spreading skills, knowledge and attitude: while we want to focus first on establishing basics for leading our daily lives, we aim for becoming a place radiating around, networking and sharing with others, both in the immediate vicinity and internationally.

In a nutshell – we’d like to create a healthy, robust and resilient community for the uncertain future, not a “commune” detached from other parts of society or a loose collection of private individuals. We dream about a group who can have fun, celebrate, yet work hard, inspire others and be prepared to face the challenges of the future. While we’re open for anyone who shares our values and believes he/she has skills and an attitude that can contribute to building up this regenerative community, we have some priorities:

  • we would especially welcome families with smaller children (ages 2-9) that are eager to join our forest school and kindergarten (www.lesnaszkolka.pl or www.kids4forests/our-forest-school) – note that Forest School at primary education stage is a unique opportunity in Europe.
  • we’d love to have diversity of backgrounds among community members. At this early stage having people with architecture/building, organic farming/animal raising or environmental technologies experience under their belts would be really amazing. We are very interested in having community members who are thinking about creating their own on-site businesses – e.g. related to youth/adult education, eco-tourism, natural medicine, creating a local restaurant. However, if you don’t have an experience in the fields mentioned above, but in others that could benefit a land-based community, we are interested in hearing from you.

We want to clearly emphasize that:

– for us, the starting point and the main goal is to regenerate the land (locally at the beginning, wider in the next stage) and we want to measure our success in this way. Our visits and research has shown that this approach differs from majority of “alternative communities”, where the prime focus is centered around personal, group or spiritual development. That is why we are looking above all for those who understand the need for regeneration, have the knowledge / skills associated with it, or genuinely want to obtain it.

– the project is based on sharing the responsibility of working on the land and raising animals, which will be put into formal documents to be signed by any future project members.

– we do not look for people who feel even slightest need to convert others in their religious, dietary or other beliefs.

New members of the community will acquire private ownership title to one of the buildable plots (1500-2500 m2) and the right to access to the non-buildable part of the property (meadows, stream, forest) where any future investments would be limited to environmental friendly ones. Membership will be bound with responsibilities towards the land and community itself, therefore in case of leaving the community, any future buyer will need to endorse the same rules and get approval of existing members after a trial period.

We will start building most probably at the beginning of 2020, so we have a year to form a group and get to know each other. We hope to take a final decision on first project members till summer 2020 and we assume that in order to make informed decision anyone truly interested would spend at least 6 months in the close area in order to find out whether it’s a good fit for everyone.

This is a very first call to get to know interested people. If all the above resonates with you, please send us a letter of interest along with answers to these 4 questions:

Why do you want to join the project described above?

How would you describe yourselves (each member of the family – background, interests, passions etc.)?

What skills you have that could be beneficial for the land and for the community?

Why do you think you/your family would be a great part of this forming, land-based group?

We will get back you within 2 weeks of receiving your e-mail.

Thanks and take care,

Noemi and Maciek