From design to earthworks, soil building to animal husbandry, surveying to construction, this practical internship will definitely make you feel confident about starting and managing your own project, owning a farm/homestead or becoming a designer. Re-skill, gain confidence, increase self-reliance, and learn the power of resiliency. Learn how to think critically, ecologically and holistically. Join a community of permaculture practitioners working to create a regenerative educational farm. Design is fundamental to an efficient, productive system, and we will take you through the design process to the planning, implementation and maintenance of such systems. If you feel ready to move from theory to the nitty gritty of practical application, gain skills, connect to nature, regenerate land and become a farmer/gardener, this internship is for you.

We offer opportunities in particular to those skilled and dedicated to the vision of regenerating the land and using appropriate technologies in designing natural buildings. These volunteer opportunities are based on a minimum stay of 3 to 6 months, offering you the possibility to learn from us about regenerative agriculture and natural building, making it a very practical learning experience. We have studied and practised permaculture, did several designs, worked on several farms in different corners of the world, attended advanced permaculture and appropriate technology internships, workshops on forest garden, biodynamic and organic agriculture and strawbale building to accumulate the knowledge and skills that we will be able to share with you during your stay.

In exchange for your commitment and hard work we can offer you support, guidance, full boarding and the opportunity to take part in one of the courses – of your choice – that is organized during your stay. We will offer few places from March 2020 onwards. Send us an email and tell us about yourself and your motivation for joining us.